Moon Lantern Festival

Little Saigon TV Channel KJLA 57.7

The Moon Lantern Festival is the most popular family holiday in Vietnam, happening every year during the full moon each August. It is the celebration of a successful harvest, with moon cakes, lanterns and singing. Little Saigon Television is proud to preserve this colorful tradition and heritage for the Vietnamese American communities around the United States.

The all-day event is broadcasted live from Asian Garden, Westminster, California. It is one of the biggest campaigns from Little Saigon TV to bring in sponsors, donors, merchants and

featured performances to an event with attendance over 15,000 people. Marketing tools for this event are a miles-long list from TV commercials, newspaper ads, radios, flyers, posters, banners, flags, stickers, buttons and other merchandising products, along with media kits and event agenda booklets for sponsors. The campaign's sole purpose is to bring awareness of the event to children, parents, families and organizations.